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Gabo Caruso (Buenos Aires, Argentina) lives and works in Barcelona. She studied Political Science, Photography, Visual Communication and Photojournalism. She is interested in gender and feminism issues (stories of women, trans people, refugees, migrants, LGTBIQ+). She has published in media such as El País Semanal, Stern, Vice, El, etc. Her work has been exhibited at CORTONA ON THE MOVE, Queer Festival Heidelberg, F2 Festival Durtmont, Casa América, Calabria Festival, etc.
She is interested in photography as a tool for collaboration and social transformation. With her work she wants to establish empathetic and intimate links between the people photographed and the viewers, bringing stories that expand the limits of thought. Her different projects are linked to human rights in favor of diversity.
Her work has been supported by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC and IWMF.

In 2023 is winner of the FOTO VOGUE 2023 "what is Beauty"? (Milan)

In 2023 she exhibits at Fotografia Calabria Festival

In 2023, she is jury of the Visual Korner competition (Spain)

In 2023 she exhibits at Centre LGTBI BCN (Spain)

In 2023 she exhibits at CC Sagrada Familia (Spain)

In 2022, she receives IWMF grant (USA) 

In 2022, she is in shortlist 2022 - Global Peace Photo Award

In 2022, she is finalist at PREMIO ZAMPA (Spain)

In 2022, she is jury of the SIGMA competition - (Spain)

In 2021, she exhibits at BCN DH Festival (Spain)

In 2021, she exhibits at Past and present of the body (MIAMI)

In 2021, she exhibits at CORTONA ON THE MOVE, Cortona, (Italy). 

In 2021, she exhibits at F2 Fotofestival Dortmund (Germany).

In 2021, she exhibits at Casa América, Madrid (Spain).

In 2021 she exhibits in Pati Llimona - Barcelona (Spain)

In 2020 she receives award for the National Geographic COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Journalists

In 2020 she exhibits in FOTOLIMO FESTIVAL - Cerbére (France)

In 2020, she is nominated for the Joop Swart Masterclass (WORDPRESSPHOTO).

In 2019, she is the winner of the VISUAL KORNER PATI LLIMONA VISUAL.

In 2019 she is a finalist of the Joana Biarnes Scholarship of Photographic Social Vision.

In 2019, she exhibited the work "Dad Pink" at the QUEER FESTIVAL in Germany.

In 2018 is selected for the Transeurope of PhotoAthenas, at the Onassis Cultural Center.

In 2017 exhibits in the PhotoAlicante Festival

In 2017 she received the second prize at the Alicante International Photography competition.

In 2017 is selected in the Photoespaña Discoveries Week.

Artist Statement:

My photographic practice consists of creating links between the photographed and the spectator, seeking to bring closer realities that re-found the edges, the margins of the political, that extend the limits of binary thought. Part of my digital process is rooted in the desire to create images that touch the real. I embrace stories of "the crossing" (transgender people, refugees, migrants, LGTBIQ +), that interpellate and open new questions. I celebrate "the word" as an element that enriches the work, as well as the use of photographic archives to tell stories. I don't believe in people portrayed as passive subjects.

Concepts such as identity, gender,  diversity, childhood, family and and equality. In doing so, I challenge the dominant ideologies that shape these social constructions. My different projects are linked to human rights in favor of diversity.

I am not a women documentary photographer, or photojournalist, or a conceptual. I am a "cross" between all of them.

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