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Does the world change if I change the gender?

The word courage derives from "cor", heart in Latin;

and in Greek "kardia".

Having courage is synonymous with having force,

"putting your heart ahead".

Work in progress - CORA (JE) it is an evolutionary and collaborative project with her protagonist. Self-financed.

"When I grow up I want to be a girl," she told her mother one night before closing her eyes and falling asleep. In that dreamlike space hidden in her pillow, another reality was announced: hers. That was a few years ago; when Cora was not yet recognized as Cora. She was 5 years old. A few months later, walking with her mother in the park of her neighborhood in Barcelona, the situation became untenable: "Nobody sees me", she confessed.

In recent years, something revealing has taken place in the world: the appearance in public of trans girls and boys, who, accompanied by their families, demand that their rights be addressed, under slogans such as "my right to exist". Transsexuality has always existed, but what had existed until then were families accompanying them. Historically, the first place of exclusion of a trans experience was the family. Then, other institutions (social, school, legal, health, etc.) also discriminated against these people. The notions of childhood are not "natural", but have been constructed throughout history. With the Convention on the "Rights of the Child" in 1989, children were recognized as subjects of rights, but these rights are constructed on the basis of cisgender childhood, denying that there are diverse ways of inhabiting the world. Trans childhood reflects the change of a cisheteronormative and adultcentric system that begins to accept little by little the diversity and autonomy of childhoods. It was only in June 2018 that the WHO removed transsexuality from its list of mental illnesses. In Spain, despite the advances in LGTBIQ rights material, trans children are legally unprotected.

I met Cora in 2018 at her home in Barcelona when she was seven years old, two autumns after having her transition. She belongs to the first generation to make her transit as a young child becoming the youngest person to belong to the association of trans families in Spain.Today, Cora is a trans girl who dreams of making unicorns. Cora's gender transition is for her family "part of her life process". The long time CORA report accompanies Cora through the years and in all her vital universes; universes that have historically closed the door to trans people.

“This reporting was supported by the IWMF International Women’s Media Foundation’s Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists.”









¿Cambia el mundo si cambio de género?

La palabra coraje deriva de "cor", corazón en latín;

y en griego "kardia".

Tener coraje es sinónimo de tener valor,

de "echar el corazón por delante".

Work in progress - CORA (JE) es un proyecto evolutivo y colaborativo con su protagonista. Autofinanciado. 

"Cuando sea mayor quiero ser una niña", le dijo a su madre, una noche, antes de cerrar los ojos y entregarse al sueño. En ese espacio onírico que se escondía en su almohada; se anunciaba otra realidad: la de ella. Eso fue hace unos años; cuando Cora aún no era reconocida como Cora.

Unos meses más tarde, paseando con su madre por el parque, la situación se volvió insostenible: "A mi nadie me ve", le dijo. 

Hoy, Cora, es una niña trans que sueña con fabricar unicornios. 

La infancia trans refleja el cambio de un sistema heteronormativo que comienza a aceptar poco a poco la diversidad. El reportaje CORA (JE), evolutivo y colaborativo con su protagonista, pretende acompañar a Cora a través de los años y en todos sus universos vitales; universos que históricamente le han cerraron la puerta a las personas trans. 

Conocí a Cora a sus siete años, dos otoños después de haber realizado su tránsito. Cora pertenece a la primera generación en realizar su tránsito desde pequeña convirtiéndose en la persona más pequeña de su asociación en hacer su tránsito de género.




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